Swiss Phyto-Cell
sensual cleansing milk

A gentle cleanser for daily use.
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The cleansing milk is gentle on the skin, giving it a fresh complexion and smooth feeling. Its natural ingredients leave skin looking firm and cleansed.

Swiss Phyto-Cell
moisturizing alp-tonic

The moisturising alp-tonic is the perfect addition to the cleansing milk for a complete cleansing ritual.
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It has a highly refreshing and soothing effect, making it ideal for daily use.

Swiss Phyto-Cell
pampering day cream

A gently nourishing and moisturising facial cream that provides optimal protection for your skin against environmental influences.
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It contains active ingredients that give the skin what it needs, reduces lines and wrinkles and prevents premature skin ageing. It leaves skin looking natural, radiant and fresh.

Swiss Phyto-Cell
caring night cream

The precious nourishing cream regenerates & pampers your skin all night long.
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The caring night cream contains optimal active ingredients that support cell health and provide long-lasting strength to the skin with intensive care.

Swiss Phyto-Cell
best skin serum

The nutrient-rich well-ageing serum regenerates and revitalises stressed and tired skin from the inside.
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Its deeply penetrating effect feeds our cells right where it matters. The serum protects the skin like a miracle cure and has a preventive effect against skin ageing. At the same time, it supports regeneration and restores lost vitality.

Swiss Phyto-Cell
skin optimizing mask

The face mask gives your skin more volume and leaves it looking full and firm.
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It contains the optimal nutrients for tired, sagging skin, which increase the skin’s resilience. The mask delivers moisture and stores it for a long-lasting feeling of full and firm skin.

Swiss Phyto-Cell
smoothing eye cream

The gentle eye cream for day and night cares for your skin and gives it a radiant look.
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The effective formula reduces wrinkles. It tightens the contours around the eye and delivers intensive moisture to the sensitive eye area.
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Phytomedical skin care with a vision – your beauty
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Swiss Phyto-Cell

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Let our professional staff pamper you with a relaxing facial treatment containing premium Swiss Phyto-Cell active ingredients.

  • With new, deep-acting massage techniques
  • visible anti-ageing effect
  • purifying and detoxifying
  • effective and sustainable
  • for men and women
  • invigorating and firming
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Med Beauty Swiss goes green. Our first concern is to take care of our planet. Our second is to make you look beautiful. We want to help improve the environment and
take care of the world in which we live through our actions. Swiss Phyto-Cell is the foundation on which we will continue to build over the next few years. Sustainability, naturalness in perfect harmony with science. We focus on environmentally friendly production & resource extraction, recyclable, climate-neutral packaging and a global reduction in CO2 emissions.

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SWISS lab dr.gerny

Since we operate our own production facility, we are able to define and set all parameters. We are Cosmos certified as well as GMP compliant and are proud to hold this international quality seal. We do not outsource production to third parties or allow our products to be produced abroad. We manufacture exclusively according to Swiss quality standards!

The quality of raw materials and products is tested in our own laboratory and by a Swiss partner.

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Become a Swiss Phyto-Cell partner! Professionalism is our top priority, which is why it is important for us to select the best distributors for Swiss Phyto-Cell, our premium nature line. If you are interested, please contact us at